• 75g sourdough starter
  • 500g flour
  • 375g water (divided)
  • 10g salt


Feed starter before using, such that it is happy and risen to its peak when you start baking.

The Day Before

Combine starter, flour, and 350g of the water, mix until combined. Cover and let sit for 1hr to autolyse.

Add remaining 25g of water and salt. Knead for ~10 min until glutinous and smooth.

Cover and let rise for 5 hours at room temp. Roughly every 2 hours during this rise, flop the dough out of the bowl, fold it over itself a few times, and return to bowl.

After rise, put baking cloth in bowl and dust the cloth with flour or cornmeal. Flop bread on to counter and attempt to shape in to a boule (etc). Transfer to prepared bowl, cover with airtight wrap, and refrigerate.

Bake Day

Preheat over to 450 degrees. Place dutch oven (or comparable oven-safe coverable dish) inside. Remove bread from fridge.

Remove hot dish from oven and line with parchment paper. Flop bread in to parchment paper. (Alternately, start with parchment paper on counter, place bread on it, then transfer to dish.)

Bake covered for ~25 min, then remove lid and bake ~15 minute more until dark brown on top.

Transfer from dish to cooling tray ASAP, allow to cool for at least 1hr before serving.